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x posting .. sad fact

One acre of Civil War battlefield land is destroyed every ten minutes. These battlefields are part of our national heritage; scenes of struggle and sacrifice where American soldiers lost their lives. CWPT is working to preserve these “hallowed grounds,” as Abraham Lincoln called them, so that future generations can learn from them and can learn to appreciate their hard-won freedom.

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People don't realize what a significant time in our history this war was. And instead, they feel the need to erect buildings and gas stations. Stupid commercialism.
to me, this post is not only commentary on how we need to preserve battlegrounds, but also points to what a disparaging lack of other livejournals there are for civil war related topics. This community started as strictly beards, but it's morphed into an a-z outlet for all concerns c.w. related. At least now there is an outlet, but there should be like 6 or 7 groups on here about c.w. related topics. come on people, start this up.