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civil war reenactment is not without its rules

if you wish to attend the civil war reenactment this summer in virginia, hosted by the 33rd & 49th Infantry Company reenactors, you must abide by certain rules. If you plan on attending, please, take into account the following guidelines and rules:

1/2 bale of straw to each person with a tent. Additional straw available at $2.50 per bale (our cost). Fire wood (plenty available: if you need more, ask at registration).

Ladies participating as soldiers may be drummed out of service if effort to conceal their sex is not maintained throughout the event.

Drinks must be in tin cups or period bottles.

Period glasses must be used if you have to wear glasses.

Saber duels are allowed only with the approval of the overall commander or designate of the cavalry.

Sutlers must move their vehicles to the designated parking area once they are unloaded and setup. No parking in the sutlery area (minimum of one hour before the event starts). Use only designated entrance areas for entering the sutery area.

Threats are not to be made by anyone to another person.

No Indians unless in military uniform or unless approved by host unit commanders.
if nothing else, this site has some wonderfully crafted MIDI versions of Old Timey Civil War music. And there's a different song for every page!
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