The Wayans Brothers (hotbutter) wrote in civilwarbeards,
The Wayans Brothers

facial hair

this should serve as a primer on what is and is not good civil war facial hair. of course, there are many exceptions to these rules. particularly since the main ingredient in facial hair in the first half of the 1860's is character, character, character. your beard was an extension of your lifestyle. like a eurovan or mountain dew. you didn't want to get caught with a generic run of the mill beard and stache combo. unless you were abe lincoln. but his character was all in the top hat. a few examples here:

this is carey wade oliver. know what he would look like without his beard? a dipshit. a scrawney old anorexic dipshit. kudos to him on having the balls to grow this mad mother.

these chops are begging to be fucked with. you don't want to go too over the top. some disgruntled soldier might uneven them with their sheering knives when you had too much moonshine.
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